The Depth of Memory

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According to the Levels of Processing model, there are three important things in developing a memory of a verbal situation: what we hear, what we see, and what we feel. What we see and hear does not have a large impact on the memory as it is more based on what the verbal information makes us feel or means to us. The deeper we connect to the verbal information the longer the memory will last.
This can be seen in numerous instances. We participate in and listen to many conversations every day. We can rarely remember everything we heard and saw during this time, what sticks out in these conversations is the moments that created the strongest emotions in a person. This could be the hilarious joke, or the jaw dropping news that is the most distinguishable. This is because those things create the largest emotional response triggering strong memories of the time.
The Levels of Processing model is not a complex model. The model is rather common sense in nature as we tend to forget non-important verbal information as it tends to not connect with us deep enough to be added to your long-term memory. Verbal situations that have large impacts emotionally tend to stick with for a long time.


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