Authoritarian Parenting Style: Has It Gone Too Far?

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The authoritarian parenting style is like a dictatorship: the ruler expects "blind obedience and allegiance from its citizens with no questions asked and none forthcoming" (Authoritarian Parenting Is A Harsh And Unyielding Parenting Style That Produces Harsh And Predictably Inferior Results). Just as a dictator unjustly punishes citizens, an authoritarian parent usually has no reason for punishing their child, leaving the child upset and confused. Not only this, but this style of parenting does not allow children to make their own decisions and think for themselves, both of which are critical for success in later years.
Parents who choose to act this way are setting their children up for disaster. If authoritarian parents think that because they set such strict guidelines that their children will do the same with their own children, they are wrong. Children who have strict parents are probably going to rebel when they get older and make bad choices because they can. Once they get their freedom and are out of the house, they are going to act on that freedom that they never had as a child. Once they have kids of their own, they will most likely be more permissive parents, letting their children do as they please with little to no punishment. However, permissive parents are no better than authoritarian ones. They are both extreme, and the best style of parenting is the one right in the middle: authoritative. This style combines both permissive and authoritative to create the ideal parent who gives their child a good amount of attention and freedom and disciplines him or her when needed. An authoritative parent recognizes that a child is going to make mistakes and that they can learn from them.

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