Correlation Vs. Causation

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Before I took psychology in school, I never realized how applicable psychology really is to my everyday life. One day does not go by where I think don't about the psychology behind certain events or somebody's actions after having taken this class. One of the main concepts I have really learned to pay attention to is the principle of scientific thinking, correlation versus causation. Applying this to my everyday life has really allowed me to reevaluate how I may be thinking about certain actions or events.

It can become very easy to simply assume that because variable A is associated with variable B, that one causes the other. One example may be believing that hot temperatures cause violence because the Southern United States is warmer and there is also a high crime rate in the South. Another may be assuming that exercise causes someone to live longer when there could be a third variable involved in how long someone lives. I have witnessed instances where people misuse correlation versus causation, and I do it as well. Acquiring knowledge from this class has increased my awareness of this concept and has really led me to closely examine correlation versus causation instances more carefully.

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