I Ain't As Good As I Once Was

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My mom and dad are always complaining about how they wish they still had their "high school figures" or why there are so many more "smile lines" by their eyes than there used to be. We all know that getting older isn't fun and from the outside, the changes are very apparent in most people. However, the inside changes are also very apparent, even though they aren't seen by the visual eye. As people age, their brain ages as well. Our cognitive functions decrease in ability as we grow older. According to the source from "Developmental Psychology" it states that K. Warner Schaie believed adults go through 2 cognitive development phases that include achieving and the responsibility stage. These stages are when adults develop responsibilities towards their new interests such as their careers and relationships.
There are so many time where I am playing a game with my grandparents, and they just can't seem to catch up! That's because people's speed of processing just isn't as fast as it used to be. Some positive side effects of growing older include that gradually you get smarter. In our psychology text book it states that adults adult's generally perform better on vocabulary and knowledgeable tests than younger people.
We all know that as we grow older, things change for the good and sometimes for the bad. It is very interesting to study how the brain corresponds to these changes in positive and negative ways. We all see it through our parents and grandparents, and even ourselves as our behavior changes with age. In the end, every age we are in is unique in its own way and these changes are the natural part of life.

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