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IQ is a difficult idea term to define. But it is basically a test to measure thinking ability. Many psychologists have come up with ways to define intelligence, which makes it very hard to comprehend. With general intelligence, specific abilities fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence, there are so many ways to define intelligence and really not one way is correct. However, I think that it is interesting how hard it is to define intelligence. Intelligence to me can mean many things. I don't think one test can really tell how intelligent a person is. For example, in high school I scored a 27 on my ACT, I had a friend that was failing many of his classes and he got a 30. He may have been smart but lazy, which can effect how intelligent you are. There are many ways that can explain this but this also shows that there are many different types of intelligence. This link is a good example that there is more than one way to test intelligence. People cannot take one test and determine there intelligence.

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