Love the way you Lie

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In the chapter 11 of the Lilienfield textbook, we learned about the psychology of Love. One model depicting this emotion was Robert Sternberg's "triangle of love" which linked three elements in different combinations to produce different kinds of love. These three elements are intimacy, commitment, and passion. Sternberg concluded that all forms of human love, from friendship to marriage and everything in between, are derived from one or a combination of two elements in the triangle. A combination of commitment and intimacy sparking a companionate love, intimacy and passion creating Romantic love, and passion on its own leading to infatuation are some examples of this theory.
After reading this section I began to wonder about the type of love that is not covered in the triangle, the type I refer to as the love the way you lie ( derived from the famous musical collaboration of pop star Rihanna and rapper Eminem) relationship. This is an abusive relationship in which the people involved passionately love each other, but hate and hurt each other all of the time. How can two seemingly opposing emotions exist at the same time? An article published by Science Daily in 2008 linked the sometimes fuzzy relationship between love and hate with a study conducted by Professor Zeki. He found that the putamen and insula in the brain become activated during romantic love as well as disgust. With two stimulated areas in common, along with other social as well as learned behaviors would explain why the line between love and hate can become blurred in some relationships.

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