Media and how it effects our self-image.

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Bulimia nervosa is the most common eating disorders affecting 1-3% of the population stated in our psychology textbook in chapter 11. Bulimia is an eating disorder associated with a pattern of binge eating and then purging so try and lose or maintain ones weight. About 95% of people diagnosed with this disorder are women. People with bulimia are highly dissatisfied with their body. They see themselves as overweight when they are not.

I believe the media is a huge factor in causing women and some men to become bulimic. The media portrays "beautiful" women as being very slender. Most of the women in the media are actually underweight. Being underweight is not healthy! The way the media portrays women is causing the women who are average in weight to be dissatisfied with themselves. They then believe that they need to lose weight in order to be beautiful. What people believe is beautiful or attractive for peoples figure have changed many times. One can not go based on the images in the media because they are not realistic in every day life. I think the media should use more of the average sized women for advertisement.

I know a few people who have struggled with this disorder because they feel like they are overweight or not beautiful. In reality they were normal size and beautiful in their own way. They would point out women in the media saying how they wanted to be like them. The media has a negative influence on many women today.

Here is an article talking about the media and women's appearances also supporting my thoughts;

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