Mere Exposure Effect and Advertising

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I went home this past weekend and after driving around in the town that I love and know, I couldn't help but feel sad to have to come back to the U. I felt comfortable in my hometown and that comfort is what was inhibiting my thrill to return to college. This is a slight example of the Mere Exposure Effect. The Mere Exposure Effect is defined in the Lilienfeld text as, "phenomenon in which repeated exposure to a stimulus makes us more likely to feel favorably towards it." Although my hometown is a rather large stimulus, I still would choose it over my new home, Minneapolis. This choice is made in my mind because I know everything about my hometown and because I grew up and thrived there, I favor it over Minneapolis because I haven't spent as long in this city. Another example of the Mere Exposure Effect is used in advertising. If we're shown a specific product more than once, whether it's on television or billboards, when we get to the store the likelihood that we will purchase that item increases greatly. The reason we choose the item we have seen advertisements for over items that we haven't are because the advertisements have, in a way, made us more comfortable with their product. The way advertisers make consumers more comfortable with their products is the same reason that I feel more linked to my hometown. Comfort will drive human beings to great lengths. There is a video on YouTube that demonstrates the mere exposure effect because the song plays again and it becomes engrained in your mind. . The way that the song plays again eases the listener to hearing the music. In the future, I will make sure to be aware of marketing techniques of Mere Exposure to self-ensure that other products are just as good as the popular advertised more expensive ones.

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