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Personality tests are interesting and fun. Some kinds are considered reliable, but overall they are very random and inaccurate. I took five "Which Disney Character Are You?" personality quizzes and got five different results. One test, said that I am most like Pooh Bear. It said "You have many great friends that are trustworthy and honest. You value friendships and do what you can to keep them strong, which usually has people by your side for years. You also enjoy the occasional adventure." I thought that this result was funny and accurate. The next test said that I was most like Peter Pan. It stated "You are very brave and are always looking out for the people you love." Automatically, I agreed with this conclusion and thought it was a good explanation of my personality. The third quiz said that I am most like Mrs. Incredible. "Incredible is your name, and for good reason- you excel in everything you put your mind to. You are type 3 in the ennegram personality types." I thought that this result could be close to correct, but I did not agree with it as much as the other two. The forth personality quiz compared me to Timothy Mouse with the explanation, "You are the underdog's ultimate buddy. Just ask a fellow like Dumbo." I did not agree or disagree with this result. The last quiz I took said that I was most like Cinderella. It had a lengthy explanation, saying that "Although gentle and soft spoken, Cinderella has a keen intelligent sense of humor which she wisely keeps hidden from her cruel Stepmother and jealous stepsisters. Finding delight in her tiny animal friends, able to sing as she works, Cinderella has true dignity something her Stepsisters could learn a thing or two about. Despite moments of heartbreak and disappointment, Cinderella holds onto her hopes until goodness and beauty are rewarded and dreams that she has dreamed do come true." I agreed and disagreed with this result. Looking at the five results, there are some similarities, but also some differences. The results of personality quizzes are sometimes correct, sometimes you decide that they describe your personality even if they do not, and sometimes they are completely wrong.

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