The Cursed Limosine

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The limosine the Archduke Franz Ferdinand rode in Bosnia is said to be a cursed car, that brings tragedy to any of it's owners. First of all, the Archduke was shot in the car, igniting World War I. After that the car is said to have passed to his general, who lost a major battle and was fired. From there it passed to officers, government officials, and wealthy doctors and merchants, all of whom were either maimed, killed, or killed somebody else with the car.
Now, while it seems that the car could be cursed, that is probably not the case if looked at with the pricipals of scientific thinking. First of all, it cannot be called cursed for sure because there is no way of knowing the cause and correlation of the accidents. There is the more likely chance that it is merely coincidence that much death has occured around the car, or not all of the stories are true and have sprung up around the car due to people being superstitious. There is no way to falsify that it is cursed because there is no way to test the supernatural. Furthermore, saying a car is cursed supernaturaly is an extraordinary claim, especialy having rumors and stories for evidence.

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