Watching the Weight

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I recently read an article about a woman who had a goal weight of one-thousand pounds to break the Guinness Book of World Records' record for heaviest woman. It deeply upset me because I believe that obesity is becoming a huge issue in America and we need to work on diminishing it rather than enhancing it. For example, the rate of obesity in Minnesota in 2010 was 25.5 percent, according to the second article that I read. We were near the end of the list in rank, so there are much higher rates in other states. Although six percent of cases of severe obesity are caused by genes, according to our textbook, most cases are caused by human inability to pay attention to portions and nutrition.

People enjoy food, so they usually want more of it. I understand because I often want to eat more of something that is delicious, like chocolate. I know I must stop after eating a certain amount, though, because my mom is a nutritionist and has educated me on nutrition.

This leads me to believe that most cases of obesity can be fixed by educating the public on the effects of over-eating and motivating them to live healthier lifestyles. For example, if many people need to learn the hazards of over-eating, like heart disease, chances are better that they will avoid eating too much. This could be done by government action and public service announcements; however, there are many other options regarding how to handle this issue. The important thing is that something gets done to change this epidemic before more people die due to weight-related issues.

A well-known psychologist by the name of Stanley Schachter would agree with my opinions regarding obesity. He proposed a theory that claims that obese people are motivated to eat more by external cues like portion size than by internal cues like hunger of satiety. This is called the internal-external theory. Some researchers, however, argue that oversensitivity to external cues is a consequence, not a cause, of how much we eat. After reading about these theories in the text book, I began wondering the true cause of over-eating in America and what the most effective way to fix this problem is.

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