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In five years, I will be 24 years old. I will be a new college graduate looking for a job that I had spent four years of my life preparing for. At this stage in my life, I will remember the concept in psychology about attraction. During the course of Psychology 1001, I learned that people are attracted to others by proximity, similarity, reciprocity, and physical attraction. Proximity is when physical nearness is a predictor of attractiveness. In another words, if someone sees another person many times during the week, people are more likely to be attracted to them because of the familiarity of their face. Similarity is the extent to which we have things in common with others. This attracts people because if one is similar to another person they are more likely to find them more attractive because they have many aspects in common allowing them to have stimulating conversations. Reciprocity is the third item that attracts people together. This is the rule of give and take. If someone is willing to give and take with their partner, they are more likely to be attracted. The final theory is physical attraction. People are usually attracted to people if they find them physically attractive. This concept of attraction will stick with me for the next five years because after newly graduating from college I will be looking for a partner that I can rely on and possibly spend the rest of my life with. These concepts will help me understand why people are attracted to each other and maybe use this to my advantage to find a guy that is suitable for me. After completing psychology 1001, I will remember the concept of attraction in the next five years.


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