False Memories- a concept to be remembered in 5 years

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There are several concepts that the field of psychology has uncovered, and out of this plethora of different theories many have remained relevant until now. In 5 years many of these theories may be nullified and some may stay with us. I personally feel that in 5 years the psychological concept that I will remember most is the concept of false memories. As Psych 1001 students we learned about this concept a few weeks ago. This concept stipulates that the human memory is volatile and that some of our memories are true, some are a mixture of fact and fantasy, and some are actually false.

At this point in time we have no way of actually knowing whether our memories are true or not. Some cues may distinguish them, but that's all we have, cues. This concept I think I will still be thinking about in 5 years because, it is so abstract, and because there is no total solution. A syndrome such as this, questions the true capacity and potential of our human brains. This phenomenon means that people may have falsified events in history simply because they believed that it had happened. That is why this concept will follow us five years into the future. Because present evidence is insufficient to permit the conclusions on false memories and memory repression, we will still need to dig deep into the issue, as it is largely inconclusive. Several psychological issues will be remembered in years to come, this will be one that is worked on due to it's abstract nature.

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