Five Years From Now...

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Five years from now, I admit that I probably won't remember everything from this psychology class. However, I am almost positive that I will remember the section on the relationships we seek with others. I will remember most people will be secure, avoidant, or anxious in their relationships. I think that I will remember this because I consider this section to affect my daily living the most out of all the rest. My relationships with others affects who I am as a person and I now feel confident in my ability to understand what kind of person they are in the relationship so I can better react to what they need or want. Also, I will now know that I won't be able to get along with everyone, especially if my significant other is avoidant if I am secure or vice versa. We all want something different in a relationship but understanding these differences is crucial to maintaining them. In my opinion, it is impossible for us to live completely alone and we need to be able to maintain relationships with other people for survival. Although I won't go up to people and ask them "Are you secure, avoidant, or anxious?" and then decide if I want to be friends with them, I will keep these in mind after I begin this relationship and know how to deal with each individual person.

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