Fundamental Attribution Error

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Out of all the various and broad topics discussed during this introductory course to psychology, the concept that I am sure to remember five years from now is the fundamental attribution error. I even remember it from a brief psychology course that I had in high school. The fundamental attribution error is a major part of social psychology. It occurs when we perceive people to be the way they are based on a certain action instead of considering any situational factors. This happens all the time to everyone and often they are not even aware that it is happening. It can be problematic for college students or anyone who is in a stage in his or her life where they are trying to make connections. If you poorly judge someone, you may miss out of building a strong friendship or meeting someone who could find you your next job. When a student first comes to college, there are so many new people to meet that we cannot judge their character on the first time that we meet them. The fundamental attribution error is so important to learn so we can avoid from committing it.

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