I've Been Conditioned to do That

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Ever since learning about Classical and Operant conditioning, I have been noticing and applying these findings to many different aspects of my life. When I first read about conditioned taste aversions, I was immediately reminded of my unfortunate experience, during 6th grade, with my school's chicken fajitas. After a few bites into the dull-colored, lumpy fajita, my stomach was not too pleased. Although it has been seven years, I still cringe at the mere thought of it. Taste aversions tend to display little stimulus generalization; and interestingly, I've realized that I do not feel the same disgust when seeing or thinking about other chicken fajitas--only the ones made by my school. I've also noticed that I have been conditioned to feel different emotions when hearing different songs. There are many songs that remind me of happy memories with family and friends, making me particularly happy when listening to them. But there are also songs I have used as my alarm, and since I'm not exactly a "morning person," I rarely ever listen to those songs anymore. There are many more examples of Classical and Operant conditioning that I have noticed in my life, and I have found myself frequently thinking, "I've been conditioned to do that." Because these types of conditioning are so relevant to my everyday life, I can't imagine ever forgetting about these concepts in Psychology.

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