Mommy, you're so pretty!

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Since we were all small children (and maybe even more now that we are college students) we have been asking our parents and guardians for things. A raise in our allowance, a car on our 16th birthday, or maybe just some extra spending money, we all have our own strategies we think increases our chances to get what we want. But if we listen to social psychologists, we can use an approach that has been proven much more effective to get what we want. The most realistic approach to attain our goals is to try a direct approach, where those we are trying to persuade know what we are up to. This is used by advertisers and in political campaigns because a direct approach attempts to change others' attitudes toward an idea in hopes that their behavior will follow. If we wish to be a bit sneakier, we can try either the foot in the door or door in the face approaches. A foot in the door approach would be us asking our parents first for a five dollar increase in our allowance and once they accept asking instead for a ten dollar increase. This differs from the door in the face approach which would have us first asking for a hundred dollar allowance raise; knowing our parents will say no, we would then request that ten dollar raise knowing their much more likely to say yes to that now. Personally, I have always had a very high allowance because I tell my mother she is very beautiful as often as possible. So keep in mind I have never needed to ask for a raise when you are weighing out your options!

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