My Psychology in 5 years

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In the next five years I would probably be looking like a stressed out person after all the studying that would be done in college. I feel like when my body gets stressed and can't do nothing, I would look for professional people that deals with stress such as a chiropractic, psychiatrist, or a Yogi. The question here is that which one of these would come out with a good outcome that can relieve my stress? In chapter 1 we learned about using the six scientific method and as in this case a way to determine the best treatment for my stress. In chapter 12, The National Health Interview Survey 2007 took statistics on what the most used therapy was for stress. The highest at 17.7% was natural products and the lowest was Biofeedback at .2% which is a feedback by a device that provides an immediate output of a biological function, such as heart rate or skin temperature. Its a fact that biofeedback and relaxation training are equally effective in reducing stress and treating anxiety, headaches, insomnia. The chapter talks about how even though herbal and natural treatments are the highest used, many viewed it generally as no more effective than a placebo effect. In the end my decision would be to probably choose a doctor that deals with alternative medicine such as biofeedback instead of complementary medicine such as natural products that are not safe to use and not effective.

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