Peer Pressure

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Five years from now, one concept I will remember will be peer pressure. We have all known about and been subjected to peer pressure since we were kids, and as we get older it only gets worse. The college years are probably the years where we are influenced most by our peers. Sometimes it can turn out good, but a lot of times it can go horribly wrong.

As one could guess, a majority of peer pressure in college has to do with drugs, alcohol and sex. It seems as if everyone is doing it, which may or may not be true. Although I have come across some pressure having to do with these things, I am good about not letting it get to me. Personally, I would rather keep a good reputation and be respected than throw my reputation away and be liked for someone I am not.

Not giving in to peer pressure is a hard task to accomplish, especially for one of my close friends. It is hard to see someone you love change into somebody else right in front of your eyes. Whether she is getting into the wrong crowd or making decisions for others instead of herself, none of it makes her a better person. Sometimes I do not know whether I should say something to her or let her suffer the consequences so she can learn. If she is not careful it could really affect her life in a negative way.

Peer pressure is all around us. If we do not stop and look at the big picture, it could really mess up our lives in the long run. Before making decisions, one needs to look at all the consequences. We have to live our life for ourselves and not others.

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