Six Scientific Principles

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After never previously taking a Psychology course, I feel I have learned an insane amount of information over the past three months. From dreaming, to drugs, to development, I now feel that I have a better understanding of the human mind.
The one, or six to be exacts, thing I will remember from this course, are the Six Scientific Principles. Throughout each chapter, these Principles were ingrained into our minds by constantly popping up in the margins of our readings. I learned that in order to successfully think scientifically, I have to remember the six principles: ruling out rival hypothesizes, correlation isn't causation, falsifiability, replicability, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Occam's razor.
Never before had I ever heard of the scientific principles. The reason I believe they are truly useful, is because they do not only apply only to the field of Psychology. These principles can be used in all of the scientific fields to ensure that research findings can hold their own and be considered credible.
After learning SO much information in such a small amount of time, I know I won't remember every detail I learned in Psychology 1001. Although, I do believe I will remember the Six Scientific Principles.

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