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After five years from now, I am sure I will still remember the knowledge of social and moral development. Also, I will use some other knowledge from our textbook about children. As i want to be a teacher in the future, this information can help me to understand my students' behavior. For example, I can define them from easy infants, difficult infants and slow-to-warm infants. I will also know what they will do in different stages. I will know what to expect them. I won't let students blow 7 to do some abstract job because they are too young to understand that. Also, I may be a mother after 5 years, so I think will try my best to be a authoritative parent in the future, because children with this kind of parents exhibit the best social and emotional adjustment. I learnt that the positive emotions can be afforded by touch. I know how important the environment and peer to my children, so I will pick the best environment and help them to make friends with children who are friendly. I may let my child learn two languages before he or she can speak because I know that is the best age to learn langrage without so much difficulties. I don't think I forgot other information from our book because this book taught me a lot thing that I did not know and interesting.

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