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Over the past few months we have learned about a lot of different things in psychology. Although most of it may not be retained, i believe there is something that i will remember and hopefully use in my everyday life. The thing I will remember is the six principles of critical thinking. They are as follows: Occam's Razor, ruling out rival's hypothesis, replicability, correlation vs. causation, extraordinary claims, and falsifiability.

I am often a pretty gullible guy. When i get an email, or notification i tend to want to believe it. Same goes for seeing something really interesting or intriguing on TV. I often run into the trouble of not knowing what to believe and what to disregard. Using the six principles of critical thinking i will be able to better understand the world and to be able to interpret it as an educated college student. I'll also feel a lot more confident while making decision and interpreting anything that happens to come my way.

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