Placebos in Psych

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I found that the most interesting topic in this chapter for me was the section on Placebos. I thought it was fascinating, and slightly scary, that the placebo effect can be just as real as those of actual drugs. One thing that really surprised me however was the fact that placebos, like real medication, is more powerful on higher doses. This presents what I think could be a very interesting opportunity for future medicine. The simple idea that you should be getting better makes you better. Of course this wouldn't work for everything but there are some arguments that it is already useful. For example some researchers maintain that up to 80% of the effectiveness of antidepressants is due to the placebo effect. On another subject though, I thought that the examples of experiments in the Peer Review section were informative as well as being an interesting study tool.


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I also found the placebo section very interesting, especially to think that I have been a victim of the placebo affect! I think it is true that if you have a bad mind set on something, that you will never get better, so just thinking positively will help you perceiver. I find it very odd that placebos are better in stronger dosages, so I wonder if you just tell everyone (mostly) that they are getting extremely strong pills if they will feel that much better? Hopefully placebos continue to work well, because I am sure it is much healthier then taking pills.

There was a teacher in my school who actually used her students as a psych experiment. One month she told her students at the beginning of class that she was giving them a difficult test. The students groaned at the unfairness but took the test all the same. Then, three months later she told them she arranged an easier test. Of course the students were glad about that and happily took the test.

It was the exact same test but with rearranged questions. The scores however were different; the 'hard' test had a lower average score than the 'easy' test'. How's that for a mind game.

I think that the use of placebos in psychology research was a very interesting way to receive results. Besides from interesting, I also thought that it was pretty genius to trick people into thinking that it was the real deal when in reality it was just a placebo. I think it's also very cool how these placebos in research has discovered some very cool results that has lead the psychology industry to very cool research and findings.

Placebo is great. I understand the scientific business about scientists trying to find out how truly effective a drug is, to say, lower depression, but it bugs me when they say it is mostly placebo affect and go on to discard the drug. I say who cares. If the drug helps 80% of the population use the drug.

It would be nice if it did work for everything!! I think its interesting how this effect isn't limited by medicine. For example, people who think they drank alcohol and think they are drunk and then exhibit signs of being drunk.

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