Thinking About Thinking

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brain.jpgI found week three's topic of lecture to be extremely captivating. Since last school year, I've been interested in the human brain. My amazing anatomy teacher probably contributed to this fascination. I am in CBS right now, and I actually thought I wanted to be a neurologist--key word, thought. After re-evaluating what I actually want to do for a living, I decided to switch out of that program and into marketing, but let's save the rest of that story for a rainy day.

I've always been fascinated with the idea that, in a class like this, we are using our brains to learn about our brains..kinda cool when you think about it. On the same page, it's even more interesting to ponder this question: how do we just decide to do what we do? Where do our thoughts and ideas originate and how are they created? This idea simply baffles me, and apparently it is baffling scientists. Will we ever know the answer to these questions? I'm not sure, but it would truly be remarkable if we actually could find the answer. Knowing how the brain processes and interprets information is definitely a good place to start. More and more persistent and diligent research will guide us in the right direction (unless, of course, this is a matter that science cannot answer).

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