Bourne to forget

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The Bourne Identity is centered on an ex-CIA agent who has acquired retrograde amnesia from a mission gone wrong. In the film, the main character is able to do everything that a normal person could do, and more, not to mention his mental abilities are extremely well developed. The only part of his functioning that seems to have been effected was his ability to remember who he is, what happened to him, or anything details of his personal history. Throughout the films duration, the main character, Jason Bourne, starts to remember people, places and what he did for a living. These recollections of memories occur in a weird method. They happen in sudden bursts, but these bursts of information are never vast. This results in a mixture of total recollection of his past and a slow, arduous process to regaining his memories. This Hollywood adaptation of amnesia is accurate in the depiction of specifically retrograde amnesia. The film also showed how memory recall may not be complete, as the character Jason Bourne doesn't end up remembering all the events of his previous life. This is where the accuracy stops however. The method of recollection is much too fast to be considered an accurate depiction of recalling memories. Bourne Identity.jpg


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It's interesting that Hollywood finally got at least something right. Do you happen to know what the average recovery rate for that kind of amnesia is? And would being in familiar surroundings help speed up that time?

That movie was great!

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