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I think the studies on nontraditional families is the most interesting and important. This is because it is such a modern topic and controversy regarding child development. The most controversial issue is children with parents of the same sex. There are often people against same sex couples raising children. Now research shows that children rose by same sex couples are the same as those raised by opposite sex couples in regards to social adjustment, academic performance, and sexual orientation. However, I think this is a topic even with evidence some people because of their views will experience confirmation bias. A question I have is if the studies were longitudinal designed?
I think the effects of divorce on children are also interesting. I always thought that divorce had a negative effect on children. I never saw first hand a divorce that had significant effects on someone but I probably believed that from media, tv, movies, etc. I was surprised that studies showed that the majority of cases there is no long-term damage. Something that is not talked about in the book but I thought about after reading, is that divorce could potentially be better on the children if the parents are in a very dysfunctional and controversial relationship.


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I also find nontraditional families very interesting, especially with divorce. I have many friends whose parent's are divorced and for the most part they are all happy that they are divorced. I think for most of them they would have had more problems if their parents were still together, and would be much more unhappy. Although it's nice to see "functional families," that are idealistic, it's truly unrealistic.

This is interesting. Studies usually show that children in single parent or "unstable" homes are less likely to succeed in life. Some find that same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt a child, or even marry. Controversial topics indeed, but in the end the only thing that matters is if these people have good morals that they can pass down to their children.

I agree with you about how divorce is made to look like it will ruin your children in the media. While I don't think that the divorce itself hurts the kids, I think that remarrying does. I have plenty of friends with blended families and they have more family drama than any other families I have seen.

I think this post was very interesting because I also didn't know that divorce didn't lead to any problems in the long run. Also I think it's an interesting point that how divorce is actually the better option if parents are continuously fighting and have issues with anger. I have never experience divorce or have been close with people that have divorced parents but this information is something new to me and it's pretty interesting to say the least.

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