A big "loser"

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I feel so personally connected when reading chapter 12 about how obesity can affect your health. And when I read about the emotional and social problems overweight kid suffered, I feel like it is story of my life. I used to weight 270 pounds. After a really sad, devastating emotional "crisis". I decided to work out and lose weight. I currently weight 160 pounds. I lost 110 pounds for the last one year and I feel amazing right now. When I started working out, I could not even run for 2 minutes or did one single push up. Now I can finish 6 miles within one hour and do 25 push ups each set for 3 sets. I gave up pretty much all my favorite food and my social life(lol), I did really hardcore working out routine and have a very strict schedule to maintain a healthy life style. I haven't have one single spoon of ice cream or one slice of chip for 8 months. It was really hard and exhausting but when I look back, I am glad I made it and it is all worth it. Right at this moment as I am typing this blog entry. My friend is asking me to go eat dinner with him and it is 8:30 pm right now. I said NO, sorry but NO!
I could not find the origins of this quote but it is well known among people who are working so hard to lose weight: It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to its max. There will be temptation. But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, it's worth it.


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I totally applaud you for all of your hardwork and dedication to getting healthy! That amazes me that you can give up everything you enjoy eating and not give in to temptation. Don't forget to have a little fun now and then though!

This blog post is amazing and you should feel proud of yourself for achieving what you wanted to do! That is wonderful and so incredibly amazing that you had the willpower, dedication, and long run goal to loose that weight! Reading this blog post made me feel inspired to start working out and working on myself. I give you props for taking care of yourself and for encouraging others like me to do the same.

Good work. Very good work. I kind of understand where you are coming from. I was a cross country runner in high school, and there were many times when it was no fun and pretty painful. But the feeling after the race makes it all worth it.

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