Blog 4- Stress and Coping

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Psychology has been a great course and I have learned a lot from the lectures and the book. There are many concepts that i learned about that I will carry with me into the future. One concept in particular though I think will stick with me and I will use in five years time is the concepts involving stress and how to cope with stress. I feel this will be very important information for me because as I continue my journey through college and then into the job market, i will be presented with very stressful situations such as deadlines, class load, and finding a job. I now know that having a lot of stress can be unhealthy and it is very important to control levels of stress. After learning about coping with stress though, I now know how i can control my stress throughout the rest of my life. I know how to use problem-focused stress control to my advantage. In the years to come, I think I will be using this concept to help relieve and get over the stressful situations I encounter. I will face those situations head on to help my chances of getting through them.


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Now is a good time to use stress control styles with finals just around the corner! Your idea of facing problems head on is a positive way to look at things and will decrease stress just because you feel like you have more control from the beginning.

I really need to working on my time control to prevent me from getting freak out before the deadline. I always do things at the last minutes and it gets me really stressed out every time. however, with the knowledge of how to cope with stress. I think I can get everything figured out.

I also find this chapter about stress interesting because I can admit that I am always stressed and don't really know how to cope with it. After reading the reading and the post, I also learned that there are ways to deal with stress so that overall you can get rid of it. One of the ways that i find most helpful is going outside for a run or a walk to clear my head and mind. This is one way that helps me deal with stress and hopefully I can find some more ways.

Its great to know about how to cope with stress. I know I will be utilizing many strategies during finals week.

I think they purposely put the stress chapter at the end of the book. That way we would know how to deal with it once exams came around!

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