Learning through my own conformity

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Throughout this course I have found many of the concepts relatable to my own life, and for some reason one of the concepts that really stuck with me is conformity. I use to, like many others, believe that I wasn't conforming and did things because of my own personal choice, not what the majority of people were doing. However, after reading chapter 13 I quickly realized how many times I had quickly conformed from the fear of being wrong or out of place. It made me feel better to know that it is common and human nature to feel this way, and to want to conform. There are exceptions I believe, and sometimes conforming isn't really that bad, but in the bigger spectrum it has helped me see my flaws in holding back when I may have a different idea. I hope that from this I will think about it more when I am in a situation that I may conform in, and try not to because others may also have the same idea as I do but to afraid to stand out. Hopefully by me voicing my opposing or different opinion others will follow and express their own ideas.


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Along with the section about conforming, I was amazed by the section about bystanders and nonintervention. It relates to conformity because the group of bystanders will only act if a majority of them agree to take action. I now wonder what I would do in an emergency situatuion if there were other people around.

Conforming is something that I can say I have participated in when i was wrong or out of place. I was surprised also to learn that conformation was normal and it's part of human nature. Looking at it now, we conform ourselves to act a certain way in society or conform to stay away from fear. We are surprisingly all guilty of it and it is an interesting fact that i've learned while taking psychology 1001.

I've definitely conformed before, we all have. However, seeing that video in the last discussion in which the people judging the length of the line segments changed their answer to go with the crowd was amazing. I just couldn't see myself giving the wrong answer like that, knowing I know the correct one.

I thought the section about conforming was interesting too. Like you, I never thought of my self as a conformist. I am a big fan of standing out, like body paint at sporting events. But when I take a closer look at more normal behaviors, such as in class, I definitely conform.

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