Physical Attraction

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Physical attraction is most typically believed to be dependent upon each person; In other words, everyone has their own taste. But there actually is science behind physical attraction. Studies show that most men prefer women with waist to hip ratios of .7 and that women are more attracted to men with larger, more muscular physiques. Women are also more selective than men (because women cannot reproduce as much) which is why they place more weight on traits such as intelligence or kindness.


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I thought this part of psychology was also interesting. It explains why men place more importance on looks than personality. I want to know how what we define as attractive has changed over every century. Right now it's health, but in the 1800s, it was being overweight.

I can spot a waist to hip ratio of .7 from a mile away....

nahhhh but actually I also thought this topic was very interesting, especially how preferences among men and women, as well as between cultures, differ.

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