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Eating disorders I find fascinating, because not only are they something that goes against our very need for survival, they seem to be extremely prevalent in a country that also mirrors extreme obesity, yet the causes for the two are very extreme differences in which body size matters as a control factor. Anorexics and bulimics are often set in combination with depression or intense anxiety disorders. The need for a controlling aspect such as either food, exercise, or body size becomes a stability platform in which is extremely scary and dangerous. This runs through my family and is very close to myself as well so it is more interesting to see it through the psych component as well.

Blog #3 Sibling Order

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I researched some info on birthing order that I found extremely accurate. I was an only child for 11 years and feel very connected to the leadership and extremely conscious and caregiver attitude that is generally given to first born. My second oldest sibling is Mitchell, and because of the huge age difference he is also seen as a first born according to research because he did not experience my limelight shadow in athletics and school. My sister is the third oldest and she is very much the middle child who is over shadowed by mitchell but is very much the peace maker in all of the arguments between my little siblings. Owen who is the youngest relies on his personality to get attention and is much more humouristic than an intellectual.

I have noticed that psychology was absolutely right in the rule of applying first dates with intensified emotions and linking those emotions with the person that happened to be with you at the time. I was once on a date where we went to the county fair; and the ride broke down with us on it, and I had never been so terrified locked in a cage ride dangling sideways for 45 minutes while they fixed the ride. I ended up having a very strong sense of trust and attachment with that person and we actually dated for about 9 months after that.


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It seems that in psychology there are many many types of therapy that are used to treat many symptoms and disorders. However it seems that none of these types or practices are proven to work despite positive effects on patients. Which draws the question is all of therapy a placebo. However some things such as extinction of fears does work, so there is am argument there as well. I would like to think that not all of therapy is a placebo effect. Anyone else have opinions?

I personally find the ideas of Freud very interesting especially his theories about the id, who, and superego. After some more thought on the matter it would seem that proletariat with psychological disorders would be a perfect case for the existence of these three things. For instance, socio/psychopaths would seem to show an obvious lack of superego and ego letting the id so whatever it wants and not conforming to social norms or humane behavior. Has anyone else come to this conclusion? Discuss?

Flashbulb memories

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I find the idea surrounding flashbulb memories to be very interesting. I however seem to remember things differently, for instance I have almost no flashbulb memories that are as vivid as the ones described in the book. However I do have a much more vivid memory when it. Comes to text, such as reading textbooks or doing flashcards. Does anyone else seem to have a memory more like this? Just curious.

While scanning the tables of contents, I was hoping to find a chapter title that would grab me by the shirt and yank me right in. Emotion and Motivation was the one that really caught my eye, and at first I didn't know why. Then it occurred to me; I relate. Ever since coming to college these two human aspects have played an incredibly large role in my life, and I was curious to know why.
To summarize, this chapter discusses "what moves us." It tells of the different theories of emotion that cause our feelings, the nonverbal expressions and why they were "created," the science behind happiness and self esteem, how our wants and needs drive our motivation, and delves into a few of the worlds greatest issues: attraction, love, and hate.
What I found most interesting (and which you may think is sappy) was the section regarding love and attraction. The thing is, again, I relate. Since June of last summer, I have been in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend who goes to USAFA. While reading this section, it amazed me how "true" it all sounded. It split love into three different categories: intimacy, passion, and commitment. I think that's what I like so much about psychology, is the way that it takes everyday occurrences and describes them in ways that we can all understand and try to relate to. As you can see, I enjoy being able to "relate" to things!

As I said in my other blog entry about how body weight affect your health. I think I would not remember one or two specific term but I will remember the concept of living healthily. I personally consider health is the most precious fortune through your life. No matter how much money you make or how high social status you standing at. Without a good health, you can't have all those things. I am very glad that I made it to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style.
I always say that if I have a child in the future, I will help him to develop some sports hobbies. So that he/she does not have to do what I have went through. Today I am standing here telling people I lost 110 lbs in one year, but no one knows how hard and devastating the process was. That is what I sacrificed to get a good health.

The interesting thing about taking psychology class is that one can always find that same thing had happened to yourself too. As I am watching the video about the Bugs Bunny in Disneyland and many people claim that they have seen, touched and took picture with the Bugs. I remember when I was in my first grade, there was someone wrote swear word on a girl's text book who sits next to me. She reported to the teacher and the teacher said it is my handwriting. But I swear to got I did not do it and have no memory of it. But the teacher insist is my handwriting and threaten me that she gonna send the book to the police and have them analyze the handwriting with my homework. And if they match I will be sent to prison.( Now I think the teacher was vicious!) So i was convinced that I wrote on her text book. I created the whole memory that the reason that I wrote on her book was because she made fun of me the other day. It is interesting to know about the false memory and I can finally figure out why I pledge guilty when I was a kid

Bugs Bunny is very Open. If you've ever seen his cartoon's he is always dressed up disguised and very welcoming in any situation. He doesn't discriminate against gender, species, or age. With a smile on his face or a smart remark on his tongue Bugs Bunny is definitely carries the open characteristic. Conscientiousness, I'm not so sure about. Whether he knows where his attitude will take him or not he still manages to get in trouble. But on the other side he always gets out of the situation in his favor! Extraversion, yes! Agreeableness, that again depends on his motive and the situation. And Neuroticism also depends on the situation. Gordon Allport's idiographics would say Bugs Bunny is very adaptive to the scene.

Fair Fox is a character I created. If she ever met Bugs Bunny he would get a feel for her character. Being she is very Open. She's a trickster. The total opposite of her name. Deceiving. But she'll let you know she's a fox for a reason. Neuroticism is her main characteristic. Fair does not at all have the Conscientiousness characteristic. She's going with the wind and flying in the breeze. Not very Extraverted or Agreeable. Only when in her favor she has those characteristics.

If Bugs Bunny met Fair Fox he would take on a very smooth aura, the James Avery Bugs Bunny. Suited and Booted he would suddenly become a womanizer. Eventually if not too blind to see her trickster attitude he would play her games also.

I can heavy heartedly relate to this type of memory. For example one day I was telling my mama a story and my brother was listening. Now mind you, me and my brother hang out all the time and have the same friends. Anyway, I was telling the story but somehow mixed me and my brother's role in what actually happened that day. In my defense I say it was a long day! But my brother goes on to say, "No Cheyenne, I aint lettin you have that. You always saying you did something or was there but you wasn't!" Then my mom chimes in and says the same thing! So in my mind, I was like, "Wow, do I really do that, cause I truly think I'm there or I did what I was talking about..." This false memory phenomenon is so plausible and so realistic depending on your situation, like mine. This phenomenon is really a play on your memory. It's like how often you do this, what you come across so often. A smell, a place, friends, repeated conversations.... And so with this in your system when it comes time to tell a story or even recall it to yourself, most likely things will get slurred into one another and lines overlapped.False Memory Phenomena is a very interesting and true concept about life. But from my experience it seems to only happen when your excited and telling stories. When your calm your more likely to think it through.

At 25

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5 years from now I will still remember some of the terminology. Reason being, is because It was always so interesting to me how people in the profession actually came up and deciphered what the name of this illness would be what can we call this disorder, function, etc.... I've learned a lot of words that cover a lot of diagnosed symptoms and occurrences. This is really a great thing for me because I love to teach people what I've learned and use what I know. Problem is, I just need to remember them! Although incorporating anything from class is significant to me, because most of the time we as students know you never use any of that material! But what will always stick out and remain very important to me is the Dreaming portion of the lecture. I'm passionately intrigued by dreams and what the message is behind it. What exactly is our mind trying to tell us, or what has us so captivated that even while we sleep our mind turns...Yes, those two the terminology and the Dreaming portion of class I will always find most interesting. I can definitely see myself 5 years from now going over this with someone. Especially with the very popular chance that my conversations are random and it'll cross my mind and i'll try to tie it in with the conversation some how:)

Five years from now...

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I hope to still remember many things from Psychology this semester. I don't think I will remember a specific chapter but certain aspects from all the sections. The most important is from the first few chapters we studied about Psychology in general and many of the things the human brain does in error. Its interesting to now watch a "psychologist" on a TV show or read articles and books and to think about them and disagree with whats being said. Other things I think I will remember are about positive/negative reinforcement/punishment, I wish more people learned about this and used that knowledge to maybe change society, parenting, or teaching techniques. I will also remember things about child development, parenting styles, and attachment. I think the child development turned out to be the most interesting because a lot of things were different from what I believed before learning about it.


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There were many topics in Psy 1001 that were relevant to my life, but this was expected seeing as I do have a mind and this course is all about how that works. But perhaps the most interesting part to me was seeing how prevalent all the topics were in everyday life, and how they had gone unnoticed to me before learning about them in class. One specific example deals with the (un)conditioned stimulus/response. Once we covered this topic I saw how much it was truly used; Not just in commercials like we saw in class, but just in everyday life. Another topic that was very prevalent was the one on personality for obvious reasons. Conformation was another topic with wide-scale use and after going through this section I was much more aware of myself conforming and realized I do it a lot more often than I thought. This course has definitely given me a new perspective on life and stimulated my interest in this field of science, that's why I am switching out of Carlson and into CLA so I can be a psych major.mind.jpg

There were many great topics which we covered in this class, all of which I learned a great deal from. However, I feel as though I will remember aspects of the personality chapter for years to come. I believe this because personality plays a very active role in my life. When I meet somebody new, one of the main things that I notice is the person's personality. When I want to hang out with a friend, I usually know what to expect because I know their personality. However the main takeaway I got from this course is that a lot goes into shaping a person's personality. Genes can have a role, as well as how you were raised, but I never thought about how much of an impact the situation can have on a person. This knowledge will stay with me because it is so prevalent in my life. I can use this knowledge to my advantage. When a person does something that they normally wouldn't, I will understand where they are coming from and help them out. I can also use this knowledge to help myself out, knowing that I have to pay attention to my actions when I am fired up. Personality is in my life every day, and I have the knowledge of personality to make the most out of it.


It's amazing to think that in the first year of our life we are so sensitive to the world around us. One aspect of that early stage is universal adaptability. It's the astonishing ability babies [up to the age of 1 years old] have that makes them able to distinguish small variances in vocal tones. It's how we start learning a language. However, somewhere after our 1 year of life, the ability is lost once we start to focus on one specific language.

I myself am bilingual. My parents are from Thailand and they taught me Thai and English simultaneously. Unfortunately my English is stronger than my Thai so I don't know if I'll be able to teach my future children Thai. I played around with the idea that I could just play hours upon hours of Thai cartoons so they would just pick it up. That idea was smashed to pieces when I learned that you need face to face learning to really pick up a language.

So, I'll just have to make sure to speak Thai around my kids if I want them to pick it up.

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