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There were many topics in Psy 1001 that were relevant to my life, but this was expected seeing as I do have a mind and this course is all about how that works. But perhaps the most interesting part to me was seeing how prevalent all the topics were in everyday life, and how they had gone unnoticed to me before learning about them in class. One specific example deals with the (un)conditioned stimulus/response. Once we covered this topic I saw how much it was truly used; Not just in commercials like we saw in class, but just in everyday life. Another topic that was very prevalent was the one on personality for obvious reasons. Conformation was another topic with wide-scale use and after going through this section I was much more aware of myself conforming and realized I do it a lot more often than I thought. This course has definitely given me a new perspective on life and stimulated my interest in this field of science, that's why I am switching out of Carlson and into CLA so I can be a psych major.mind.jpg

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