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Let me introduce my little baby brother. Simeon is a boy child all of 7 years old. Growing in height rapidly and just as fast mentally. My baby brother hates being left out of conversations due to how we used to spell things around him all the time. Now as soon as he catches the topic of conversation or the word spelled around him he immediately jumps in. Because he understood he couldn't always grasp what was going on, and he knew we wanted it this way, he made sure growing up and learning in class he would no longer be left out. Simeon is very cognitive of what goes on around him. Very skeptical of everything and how things are done.

And so I tried Piaget's experiment on him and he definitely showed he is very much so past the Concrete Operational Stages of just understanding the basics of subjects. I'm hands down putting him in the Formal Operational Stage.

Acknowledging the fact that my younger brother is very smart I didn't start by showing him two same size cups that I had poured juice in to the same line. His cup that he usually drinks from is the same height as my cup but his cup is slimmer/narrow at the bottom and widening at the bottom. So skipping step one, I immediately asked him did we share the same amount? Skipping step 2, of asking him whether he had more, I had more, or we're we even. And his response was so typical! (For me, anyway because he's my brother.)

"No! Your cup is bigger than mine. My cup is skinnier."
So even though I poured the juice evenly to the same line, he is well aware of the difference, and explained to me why. I'm so Proud!

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