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Bugs Bunny is very Open. If you've ever seen his cartoon's he is always dressed up disguised and very welcoming in any situation. He doesn't discriminate against gender, species, or age. With a smile on his face or a smart remark on his tongue Bugs Bunny is definitely carries the open characteristic. Conscientiousness, I'm not so sure about. Whether he knows where his attitude will take him or not he still manages to get in trouble. But on the other side he always gets out of the situation in his favor! Extraversion, yes! Agreeableness, that again depends on his motive and the situation. And Neuroticism also depends on the situation. Gordon Allport's idiographics would say Bugs Bunny is very adaptive to the scene.

Fair Fox is a character I created. If she ever met Bugs Bunny he would get a feel for her character. Being she is very Open. She's a trickster. The total opposite of her name. Deceiving. But she'll let you know she's a fox for a reason. Neuroticism is her main characteristic. Fair does not at all have the Conscientiousness characteristic. She's going with the wind and flying in the breeze. Not very Extraverted or Agreeable. Only when in her favor she has those characteristics.

If Bugs Bunny met Fair Fox he would take on a very smooth aura, the James Avery Bugs Bunny. Suited and Booted he would suddenly become a womanizer. Eventually if not too blind to see her trickster attitude he would play her games also.

I can heavy heartedly relate to this type of memory. For example one day I was telling my mama a story and my brother was listening. Now mind you, me and my brother hang out all the time and have the same friends. Anyway, I was telling the story but somehow mixed me and my brother's role in what actually happened that day. In my defense I say it was a long day! But my brother goes on to say, "No Cheyenne, I aint lettin you have that. You always saying you did something or was there but you wasn't!" Then my mom chimes in and says the same thing! So in my mind, I was like, "Wow, do I really do that, cause I truly think I'm there or I did what I was talking about..." This false memory phenomenon is so plausible and so realistic depending on your situation, like mine. This phenomenon is really a play on your memory. It's like how often you do this, what you come across so often. A smell, a place, friends, repeated conversations.... And so with this in your system when it comes time to tell a story or even recall it to yourself, most likely things will get slurred into one another and lines overlapped.False Memory Phenomena is a very interesting and true concept about life. But from my experience it seems to only happen when your excited and telling stories. When your calm your more likely to think it through.

At 25

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5 years from now I will still remember some of the terminology. Reason being, is because It was always so interesting to me how people in the profession actually came up and deciphered what the name of this illness would be what can we call this disorder, function, etc.... I've learned a lot of words that cover a lot of diagnosed symptoms and occurrences. This is really a great thing for me because I love to teach people what I've learned and use what I know. Problem is, I just need to remember them! Although incorporating anything from class is significant to me, because most of the time we as students know you never use any of that material! But what will always stick out and remain very important to me is the Dreaming portion of the lecture. I'm passionately intrigued by dreams and what the message is behind it. What exactly is our mind trying to tell us, or what has us so captivated that even while we sleep our mind turns...Yes, those two the terminology and the Dreaming portion of class I will always find most interesting. I can definitely see myself 5 years from now going over this with someone. Especially with the very popular chance that my conversations are random and it'll cross my mind and i'll try to tie it in with the conversation some how:)

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