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Social Psychology

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I chose to check out the Social Psychology chapter because I am interested in knowing how others affect us. Social Psychology is the study of how people influence others' behavior, beliefs, and attitudes, for both good and bad. It was interesting to read about how we gravitate to each other, to a point, and how we feel the need to belong and form groups. It was also cool to learn about evolution and social behavior and how we came to be this way. This chapter also talked about social comparison, which I found intriguing because I like to see where I stand. Another personal connection I had to this chapter was social contagion. I am always checking in with other people and seeing how they feel about certain situations. I loved how this chapter fit into my life so well, and how everything I read was applicable to me. The great lesson of social psychology is the fundamental attribution error. The fundamental attribution error refers to the tendency to overestimate the impact of dispositional influences on others behavior. In the end, we attribute too much of people's behavior to who they are.

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