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There were many great topics which we covered in this class, all of which I learned a great deal from. However, I feel as though I will remember aspects of the personality chapter for years to come. I believe this because personality plays a very active role in my life. When I meet somebody new, one of the main things that I notice is the person's personality. When I want to hang out with a friend, I usually know what to expect because I know their personality. However the main takeaway I got from this course is that a lot goes into shaping a person's personality. Genes can have a role, as well as how you were raised, but I never thought about how much of an impact the situation can have on a person. This knowledge will stay with me because it is so prevalent in my life. I can use this knowledge to my advantage. When a person does something that they normally wouldn't, I will understand where they are coming from and help them out. I can also use this knowledge to help myself out, knowing that I have to pay attention to my actions when I am fired up. Personality is in my life every day, and I have the knowledge of personality to make the most out of it.


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