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Through looking at chapter 3 I find that the biological dissection of the brain into different lobes that control different aspects of our brain to be extremely interesting. The fact that it is possible to pinpoint various areas of our brains that contribute to our skills, whether it be our sensations, voluntary movements, speech or behavior. It really shows you how your brain is involved in nearly every process of your body.
When I read more into this concept I was particularly astonished at the story of Phineas Gage. The idea that his skull and prefrontal cortex were pierced by a tamping iron is horrific. I thought that it was interesting that despite this grievous injury to his brain, something that most people see as vital as a whole, he was still able to live through it. Furthermore, the idea that because this section of the brain was related to mood and self-awareness, the accident forever changed his personality. The fact that even his close friends were quoted as saying Gage was "no longer Gage" was astonishing. The idea that someone can live without a part of their brain seems almost impossible to me, let alone living with a completely altered personality.

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