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Eating disorders I find fascinating, because not only are they something that goes against our very need for survival, they seem to be extremely prevalent in a country that also mirrors extreme obesity, yet the causes for the two are very extreme differences in which body size matters as a control factor. Anorexics and bulimics are often set in combination with depression or intense anxiety disorders. The need for a controlling aspect such as either food, exercise, or body size becomes a stability platform in which is extremely scary and dangerous. This runs through my family and is very close to myself as well so it is more interesting to see it through the psych component as well.

Blog #3 Sibling Order

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I researched some info on birthing order that I found extremely accurate. I was an only child for 11 years and feel very connected to the leadership and extremely conscious and caregiver attitude that is generally given to first born. My second oldest sibling is Mitchell, and because of the huge age difference he is also seen as a first born according to research because he did not experience my limelight shadow in athletics and school. My sister is the third oldest and she is very much the middle child who is over shadowed by mitchell but is very much the peace maker in all of the arguments between my little siblings. Owen who is the youngest relies on his personality to get attention and is much more humouristic than an intellectual.

I have noticed that psychology was absolutely right in the rule of applying first dates with intensified emotions and linking those emotions with the person that happened to be with you at the time. I was once on a date where we went to the county fair; and the ride broke down with us on it, and I had never been so terrified locked in a cage ride dangling sideways for 45 minutes while they fixed the ride. I ended up having a very strong sense of trust and attachment with that person and we actually dated for about 9 months after that.

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