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Throughout this course I have found many of the concepts relatable to my own life, and for some reason one of the concepts that really stuck with me is conformity. I use to, like many others, believe that I wasn't conforming and did things because of my own personal choice, not what the majority of people were doing. However, after reading chapter 13 I quickly realized how many times I had quickly conformed from the fear of being wrong or out of place. It made me feel better to know that it is common and human nature to feel this way, and to want to conform. There are exceptions I believe, and sometimes conforming isn't really that bad, but in the bigger spectrum it has helped me see my flaws in holding back when I may have a different idea. I hope that from this I will think about it more when I am in a situation that I may conform in, and try not to because others may also have the same idea as I do but to afraid to stand out. Hopefully by me voicing my opposing or different opinion others will follow and express their own ideas.

What is natural?

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There is much and constant debate over gay marriage, and why it is wrong or right. However, the main topic usually brought up is if it is something that is natural or unnatural. Biologically speaking there are reasons for why it may be unnatural to have a partner of the same sex, the main one being that there is no way to reproduce offspring. Research also shows that opposite sexes are mainly always attracted to each other. People also say that it is against human nature to want to be with the same sex, and as always the main factor being that it "offends god." Although people against gay marriage may have a few biological reasons to back up their argument and those reasons are important, they are blind to one main thing. Homosexuality is not only seen in humans all throughout history, but in all species. Rebutting the religious portion, If god would be so "offended" by homosexuality, he would not have created a world full of it. What is important is that all these species engaging in homosexual tendencies have been able to survive and thrive. Just because one has chosen a partner of the same sex, does not mean they are never going to reproduce offspring, especially today with modern medicine. The importance of this is to understand that homosexuality is natural and although not all my have these feelings (homosexuality), those who do are in no way acting unnatural, and deserve the same rights.


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