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I found the information of the stages of Psychosexual Development found in Chapter 14, Personality the most interesting to me. The stages of Psychosexual Development were developed by Sigmund Freud and are found to be very controversial but I seem to find them very interesting. There are five stages and each is revolved around sexual pleasure. The first stage is Oral, birth to 12-18 months. Here the child uses their mouth a lot to receive sexual pleasure from sucking and drinking. The next stage is anal which is the age of 18months to 3 years. Here the child learns how to use the bathroom and realizes that in order to obtain pleasure, they have to release their bowels in the toilet. The next stage Freud created is the phallic stage, 3 to 6 years old. Here the child gains attraction for their parent of the opposite sex and realizes the differences between males and females. The next stage is latency, 6 to 12 years old, is where they learn that opposite sex have cooties and they are not attracted. The last stage Freud created is called the genital stage which happens 12 years and beyond and this is where sexual impulses are realized and mature relationships want to be obtained.

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