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Unchanging River, Everchanging City

A New Beginning

Long before Minneapolis ever became a large commercial city in Minnesota, it was just another piece of land along the raging Mississippi River. The Mississippi River existed long before any man started building large cities in the USA. Once man came across the River they realized the powerful force it had and all the good it could do for them. As soon as the ideas of transportation along rivers came to the America's, cities began popping up along major waterways all over the nation. In the 1800's, Saint Paul was established due to river shipping on the Mississippi. At first Minneapolis started out as a pivotal point on the Mississippi for lumber and flower milling industries.

Minneapolis 2.jpg
This photo is the early stages of lumber milling along the Mississippi.

Minneapolis 1.jpg
The photo above is of Minneapolis in 1915 when the city was still a large industrial city.

Minneapolis 3.jpg
This is a photo above of the Mississippi today powering the Minneapolis, one of the largest cities in the nation.

The River Continually Building a City

Time went on and the River changed very little; however, the areas around it transformed very much. The River brought people, goods, supplies, and life into the city of Minneapolis. The Mississippi River flows and curls right alongside Saint Paul and Minneapolis. People constantly use the river even today for power, industry, water, transportation, and much more.

If the Mississippi River had not of existed, Minneapolis itself would very likely not exist itself. People have a constant dependence on the energy and life of the river to keep them alive. Nature often takes a long time to make a big change itself. The Mississippi River has changed very little over the years since man has come across it. Yet it is remarkable how much it has changed its surroundings through the numerous ways that it has built and formulated Minneapolis with its abundant energy.