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Presentation Styles

Blog Prompt #6
Burton Hamer

This research project could be taken a number of different ways to document the research I have found while including pictures, figures, graphs or what have you. A paper would be the common way to go, but I feel that writing a paper should usually be limited to just words; I don’t feel that when presenting pictures or any other type of visual appeal that a paper is the best way to go, it is limiting. To combat the issue of visual appeal, one might prefer a stand up presentation with large charts, graphs, poster boards, or banners; however, I feel that this also has a downfall in that it is very hard to put a lot of text into this type of presentation format, and since it is a research project, text is the key part of the project so that might not be the best way I feel to approach it.
One possible way to get across the information across would be to make a movie presentation. This however I feel would require the most unnecessary work and would be difficult to make since I am not an ace when it comes to editing or any such thing.
I feel that the best way to document and display a research project is to create a powerpoint. It is ideal for putting up images, graphs, movies or and visual documentation while also allowing me to easily put a lot of text into it just as easy and can still be very visually captivating. It is the most versatile way to arrange and show all the information for this research project.


Image taken from goole images.