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Ted Talk: Gaming Can Save the World

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When Jane McGonigal said that she thought gamers could solve real world problems I thought it was very weird but it was a new concept I have never heard of before. With all the news about people addicted to gaming and how it is bad for you, I never thought about the skills that online games can teach you that you can apply to your real life. I thought the games she designed to see how people would live in a world without oil, or if people only had twenty-three years left to live, were extremely innovative. The skills that people learn in these games, people can and actually have applied them to their real lives. Teaching people the skills to make epic wins in the virtual world so they can have epic wins in the real world is a new and in my opinion a very smart idea. With all the other ideas for solving the worlds problems, this one is one that has never been considered before and one that I think can work.

Munich Interactive Art Display

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An interactive art display in Munich, done with a Kinect. People use their motions to create art.

Kinect Hacking

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This is an article about how people are hacking Kinects to do and create many things. I think it is interesting because talks about the different things people can use Kinects for.


Zombie Game

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This is a video that is similar to "Choose your own adventure Haircut Song", only it is a movie about zombies. At the end of each clip the video prompts you to pick a situation to pursue.


Odyssey Game

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This is an online version of the Odyssey, it is a text based choose your one adventure. You choose the character and what the character does from the multiple options.


Digital Nation

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What was extremely surprising about Digital Nation how many people can get addicted to technology and how much it really does affect us. I never would have thought that people would be so addicted that they needed to go to a camp where they were not allowed to use technology. But when I think about it, it is not surprising as you would think people can't go ten minutes without checking their phones or playing a game, sometimes people will even start to play a game while you are in a conversation with them. In a way I think because our generation grew up using technology and doing so many things we feel we need to be entertained or we lose interest in what we are doing and leave. Before thinking about it I never realized how much a distraction technology can be to people, even though it is a great resource. One of the most interesting parts of this video was what we can now do with technology as a resources; treating PTSD, people can experience things they never would have been able to before, this shows how amazing technology really is.


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I think this is really interesting how Simpson and Frank used this technology and also made it reflect human behavior. (being shy, trust).

Zach Booth Simpson and Adam Frank created this "shadow" using infrared tracking. This shadow is shy and if you approach it too quickly he will run away, but if you wait for him to approach you he will eventually hug you.

Chalk Art

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I am not sure if this counts as interactive media, but it is something that I find extremely interesting. A few years ago there were a Kurt Wenner began to do chalk drawings in cities that he went to. He created large three dimensional chalk drawings that are extremely realistic. After he started other people began to do this as well, I think that it is an extremely interesting and amazing that he can make it look three dimensional. The reason I put it up in a blog about Interactive Media is that people interact with the drawings, (ex: if there is a hole in the sidewalk they walk around it).


Kurt Wenner's Website

Look what I found

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I am beginning my interactive research, here is one thing I like.

City fireflies from Sergio on Vimeo.

City Fireflies is a multiplayer interactive game designed by Víctor Díaz and Sergio Galán for Mediala-Prado's digital facade. This activity aims to claim the square as a game space in which audiences will have to eliminate threatens appearing in the urban space.

Project 1: Facebook Games

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here is where I am going to blog about project one.

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