Ted Talk: Gaming Can Save the World

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When Jane McGonigal said that she thought gamers could solve real world problems I thought it was very weird but it was a new concept I have never heard of before. With all the news about people addicted to gaming and how it is bad for you, I never thought about the skills that online games can teach you that you can apply to your real life. I thought the games she designed to see how people would live in a world without oil, or if people only had twenty-three years left to live, were extremely innovative. The skills that people learn in these games, people can and actually have applied them to their real lives. Teaching people the skills to make epic wins in the virtual world so they can have epic wins in the real world is a new and in my opinion a very smart idea. With all the other ideas for solving the worlds problems, this one is one that has never been considered before and one that I think can work.

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