Panoramic Photo Stitching

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There are a few ways which you can create one panoramic shot from multiple pictures, it just uses different kinds of software.

First Option- Panoweaver

This is software that helps you make panoramic pictures. It ranges from $99-$399, but with this you can always create the illusion that you used a fisheye. It also gives you the option of hotspots on google maps, where you can put the panoramic you created onto google maps.

Second Option- Photoshop using photo merge (for 360)

This way you use photoshop (which most photographers have so you don't have to buy new software). The links above gives you instructions on how to do it, the first link tells you how to make a basic panoramic and the second link shows you how to make a 360 degree panoramic as opposed to a flat one.

If you don't want to do it these ways, there is always the "old school" version that only uses paper, glue, and a scissors.

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You have shared pretty interesting and valuable information. I am really keen on photography so I'll definitely take advantage of that software creating one panoramic shot from multiple pictures.


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