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Digital Nation

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What was extremely surprising about Digital Nation how many people can get addicted to technology and how much it really does affect us. I never would have thought that people would be so addicted that they needed to go to a camp where they were not allowed to use technology. But when I think about it, it is not surprising as you would think people can't go ten minutes without checking their phones or playing a game, sometimes people will even start to play a game while you are in a conversation with them. In a way I think because our generation grew up using technology and doing so many things we feel we need to be entertained or we lose interest in what we are doing and leave. Before thinking about it I never realized how much a distraction technology can be to people, even though it is a great resource. One of the most interesting parts of this video was what we can now do with technology as a resources; treating PTSD, people can experience things they never would have been able to before, this shows how amazing technology really is.

Look what I found

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I am beginning my interactive research, here is one thing I like.

City fireflies from Sergio on Vimeo.

City Fireflies is a multiplayer interactive game designed by Víctor Díaz and Sergio Galán for Mediala-Prado's digital facade. This activity aims to claim the square as a game space in which audiences will have to eliminate threatens appearing in the urban space.

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