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Kinect Hacking

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This is an article about how people are hacking Kinects to do and create many things. I think it is interesting because talks about the different things people can use Kinects for.

Zombie Game

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This is a video that is similar to "Choose your own adventure Haircut Song", only it is a movie about zombies. At the end of each clip the video prompts you to pick a situation to pursue.

Odyssey Game

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This is an online version of the Odyssey, it is a text based choose your one adventure. You choose the character and what the character does from the multiple options.


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I think this is really interesting how Simpson and Frank used this technology and also made it reflect human behavior. (being shy, trust).

Zach Booth Simpson and Adam Frank created this "shadow" using infrared tracking. This shadow is shy and if you approach it too quickly he will run away, but if you wait for him to approach you he will eventually hug you.

Chalk Art

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I am not sure if this counts as interactive media, but it is something that I find extremely interesting. A few years ago there were a Kurt Wenner began to do chalk drawings in cities that he went to. He created large three dimensional chalk drawings that are extremely realistic. After he started other people began to do this as well, I think that it is an extremely interesting and amazing that he can make it look three dimensional. The reason I put it up in a blog about Interactive Media is that people interact with the drawings, (ex: if there is a hole in the sidewalk they walk around it).


Kurt Wenner's Website

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