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January 31, 2006



Just found this image on a little search that I conducted. Something that should be on a tshirt of my own!

January 30, 2006

Tattoo #34


This was for a project for a class my Junior year of college. It was a project to design this made up character's tattoo and decide what their interests were. I had a girl who worked at mcDonald's and was obsessed with her exboyfriend, so she got a tattoo of him in the fins of a fishes gill. I actually designed a similar tattoo for myself that has my nickname in the fins. You can see more of this project on her website at:

Poster by DaynaH


First Things First

The manifesto was inspiring to me. It describes the steps that a designer might take to complete a project. It defines good design as well as what bad design might be. People who are unaware of what design is might find this quite helpful. To me, the design manifesto puts the empty puzzle pieces together and simply adds color and detail to what design means.