January 14, 2005

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I've got nothingnothing.

I've got absolutely nothing to say today, but I figured I had better post something or else I would lose all the momentum I had going for this blog (I use the term "momentum" very loosely). Today I ate Couscous. Why do people name things twice? I once saw a pianist named Lang-Lang, my former college president was Thomas Thomson and I live near Minneahaha Falls (which means Ha Ha falls must be near by). Don't people realize how much of my life I have spent repeating myself? To make matters worse, nobody ever listens to what I have to say the first time.... so by the time I have repeated what I originally said, I have uttered the noun "cous" about 10 times just to tell someone I ate lunch today. The other strange thing about couscous is how shredded it is. It makes me want to throw ccoonnffeettii about while I eat it. I wonder if each little shred is a cous.... in which case, I certainly ate more than 2 couses...

Posted by hans1995 at January 14, 2005 2:36 PM