February 8, 2005

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Breakfast, Oh Breakfast I hate you. You stink

To adapt a line from Jack Prelutsky....
"Breakfast Oh Breakfast, I hate you. You stink.
I wish I could wash you away in the sink."

What's the deal with breakfast anyway? They say it's the most important meal of the day. But I have been avoiding it as much as possible and look how great I turned out. I have always avoided breakfast foods.... cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, grapefruit halved with a gentle sprinkle of sugar, etc.... not only do these foods bite, but so does the dinnerware.... I don't like bowls (and pride myself in going through college for the most part without ever using a bowl or spoon)….. and don't even get me started on juice glasses..... in fact, the only good thing to come out of breakfast is BACON!! BACON!! BACON!!

As a kid, I usually made my own breakfast, so I would eat whatever we had left over from the night before (pizza, lasagna, chicken, hamburger).... or pie.... in Aberdeen, I had to 2 chocolate chip cookies for breakfast every morning. My sister has a similar disorder... in 3rd grade, the teacher dismissed them for lunch one day by the food they ate.... ("Everyone who had waffles can go now...." I think they use the same technique in police line-ups....) The teacher kept trying to guess until everyone had left, but somehow she forgot the ever-popular “hotdogs and potatoe chips dipped in ketchup” which my sister had consumed.

I think the reason I hate breakfast is that you have to be up before 11am to have it. I loath the morning with every fiber in your Grapenuts.... so when I am forced to get up, I eat as little as possible to tide me over until I can eat lunch.... which I consider the start to my day.

Since I got my new job, I have been searching for a good breakfast.... 4 Double Stuffed Oreos.... 1 Granola Bar.... 1/3 cup Trail Mix.... 6 oz Yogurt... A Banana (once).... and have finally settled on Pepperjack Cheese with a handful of peanuts. It gives me a protein kick.... I like the heat of the cheese.... and spicy foods have been shown to reduce cancer (in a recent study).

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